Release note A1.0.12

Link to Release note A1.0.12 (PDF)

Dear Collos User,

During our preview phase we plan to roll regular updates. In general we will prepare a release note and send it to you on a Wednesday, in preparation for a release the following Tuesday. Since we are in preview phase we expect there to be some changes to the contracts and some deprecations. This is due to us all learning from the experience that we have with Collos in its early days. The Collos team very much appreciates the feedback it has received from users and it is essential to continue to receive this valuable input to the definition process.

This release will be deployed on Thursday May 3rd 2018 at 09:00 CEST. We have made some important updates to make the location queries much more flexible and to smooth the use of gateway management going forward. Thus, in this release we are introducing a ‘v2’ for the gateway management endpoints. We encourage you to look at the release note and prepare any changes on your side.

We are preparing a follow-up release which will harmonise the query structure of all the Semtech endpoints such that a single query could be made to any location endpoint without any changes. This change is in direct response to user feedback and represents a great step forward in continuing to ensure that Collos give the user a great experience.

We will send another update reminder prior to deploying the release on Tuesday.

Thanks and regards,

The Collos team