End device tracking

Hello, Iam using Arduino MKR 1300 WAN as an end device with some sensors. I want to get geoghraphical coordinates with Collos integration on TTN. I programmed the end device with Arduino IDE and I am sending the sensor data to myDevices with a Cayenne LPP-format. Now the question: How do I use the collos integration to get coordinates. I do not have any gateways and currently using the public ones at TTN. I read about sending a http request to obtain coordinates. But from where do I send this http request? Do i send it from my end device? my end device is only coonected to Lora and no WiFi nor internet. Do I write a script in the TTN payload format decoding function, in that case the javascript code example from your website does not work. I am working on a thesis at Malmö University in Sweden and need urgent help, please. Kind Regards Louay

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